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West Coast Gallery                                         Corban Estate Arts Center

Seaview Road Piha,                                        2 Mt Libanon Lane Henderson,

Auckland 0772, New Zealand                         Auckland 21526, New Zealand

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© 2018 by Sofia Athineou                     All artworks and images on this website are copyright to Sofia Athineou. 

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I am Greek and I live in the Waitakere Ranges in North Island, New Zealand, with my family. I am a devotee of art. A mixed media artist with an emphasis in glass, a medium with many sensual and optical qualities. I love using glass to express myself artistically. I love the way it looks and feels and the way it reflects and distorts light. I work with organic forms that show elemental forces like wind, fire and water. Depicting movement particularly interests me while I make my glass works. The constant movement of these elements is captured in my sculptures and enhanced by the play of light inside the glass.

My work has shifted in focus lately to bigger size works and installations that target different social issues from rape to refugees. These works also in cooperate other materials like metal, stone and wood. Size means a lot to me. The joy and satisfaction that I get from creating big works is really fulfilling. 

My art constantly reflects my state of mind, my Greek heritage and my surrounding nature.